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I don’t know exactly when, but this will be the year we’ll launch this game. A small step for some, but for us it will feel huge. Personally this really feels like a dream coming true. Being able to create a game with total creative freedom and working with super nice people while doing so is just simply great.

Thanks to all that have been supporting us in the process. It’s super motivating to receive your comments, it is what keeps us going. There’s still a chunk of work left to do, but it is all going well and there is an end in sight. You’ll still have to wait a bit longer, but we’re trying hard to make it worth it.

Happy new year!
Richard Boeser

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Interview on about the similarities between ibb and obb, and Duet

Read the first part of the interview here.

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IndieCade Festival 2011

October 8 and 9 IndieCade has its core festival in downtown Culver City (Los Angeles). With plenty of talks and plenty of games and all indie. Also ibb and obb is on display, so if you feel like playing some coop…

Find out more here:
IndieCade site

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Have a peek at our development process through Facebook

We’re trying to be totally open about the development of our games. Currently we use mostly Facebook to update on the game’s progression. This allows us to have direct contact with those who are interested.

Visit the ibb and obb Facebook page to see what er are up to or follow @ibbandobb on twitter.

Feel free to ask anything or comment on how we’re doing.

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E3 build – World 1 video

If you’re not in Los Angeles right now, you can’t play ibb and obb.
But you can watch the new video we made.

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ibb and obb at E3 2011 thanks to Indiecade

Indiecade is showing a selection of nice indie games at E3 in Los Angeles. ibb and obb was selected as one of those.
If you’re at E3 grab a friend and play. And let us know how it feels.

ibb and obb is in good company. Have a look at the other games:
Indiecade selection at E3

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ibb and obb rated M (mature) in US while 7+ in Europe and 12+ for Japan.

ibb and obb before and after
We posted this on April 1st. Easy to miss when you read this at a later time so now you know.

What happened? We just received preliminary results from Sony’s localization procedure and though still not definite it’s too weird not to mention and leaves us baffled, slightly worried and yes indeed, smiling.

As said nothing is final here, but at this stage ibb and obb would be rated M for mature in the US, 7+ in Europe and B (12+) in Japan. The mature rating translates to age 17+!

The ESRB states: “…the production’s intentions and story remain unclear and open to many interpretations … main characters sexual preference is perceived as ambiguous and not suitable for all audiences … multiple metaphors presented that might provoke discussions on ethnic differences … that younger audiences experience as unsettling and disturbing…”

What they’re trying to say is that they think ibb and obb might be gay and that having black enemies is racist.

So all you US and Canadian kids who want to play, ask a parent to supervise and while they’re there they might just as well play along.

Just think about it. Mario eats mushrooms and kicks turtles : |

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GDC build

Our latest build shows the first pass on decoration and a working camera and parallax system.


STRP expo from November 19 until 28

ibb and obb is part of the expo on the STRP festival in Eindhoven. The expo starts November the 19th. Check out the really nice program here:


New sketches

We’re busy creating new gameplay elements and refining the looks of the game.

Please check the facebook page for regular posts with new ideas and screenshots.

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