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ibb & obb win Develop Indie Showcase award

Last week we were at Develop in Brighton to showcase ibb & obb as part of the Indie Showcase selection. Between the 10 selected games ibb & obb managed to grab the Jury award. Happy.

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Joue le Jeu at La Gaité Lyrique (Paris) June 21 – August 12

ibb and obb is on show at La Gaîté lyrique in Paris.
The exhibition showcases “new forms of games that are at the heart of the emerging golden age of creative game design. Prepare to be entertained. This exhibition isn’t a static retrospective, but rather an active celebration of all types of interactive play: from innovative, cutting edge video games, to mixed digital/physical, social and even board games.”

Sounds pretty good right?

The event.


ibb and obb among the 10 nominations for the A MAZE Trophy

A MAZE Trophy banner

We’re super happy being nominated for the A MAZE Trophy, part of a new festival taking place April 26 and 27 in Berlin.
Proud to be there among other personal favorites. Check them all here:


IndieCade Festival 2011

October 8 and 9 IndieCade has its core festival in downtown Culver City (Los Angeles). With plenty of talks and plenty of games and all indie. Also ibb and obb is on display, so if you feel like playing some coop…

Find out more here:
IndieCade site

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ibb and obb entertaining the lines at Gamescom 2011

We went to Gamescom in Cologne and brought the latest build of the game. People wait in lines for hours and hours to play 20 minutes of their favorite upcoming game. While they were waiting we asked them to play ibb and obb. Some entertainment for those in need.

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E3 build – World 1 video

If you’re not in Los Angeles right now, you can’t play ibb and obb.
But you can watch the new video we made.

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ibb and obb at E3 2011 thanks to Indiecade

Indiecade is showing a selection of nice indie games at E3 in Los Angeles. ibb and obb was selected as one of those.
If you’re at E3 grab a friend and play. And let us know how it feels.

ibb and obb is in good company. Have a look at the other games:
Indiecade selection at E3

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STRP expo from November 19 until 28

ibb and obb is part of the expo on the STRP festival in Eindhoven. The expo starts November the 19th. Check out the really nice program here:


At the Festival of Games

We had fun at the Festival of Games in Utrecht. Players looked happy again and I had some time to set my new highscore for Super Crate Box a game by Jan Willem Nijman.

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Indigo Replay

Indigo-replay-logoJune 3 and 4 ibb & obb will be part of the Indigo Replay showcase at the Festival of Games in Utrecht.
So if you feel like some ibbing or obbing, drop by, I’ll be there.

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