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E3 build – World 1 video

If you’re not in Los Angeles right now, you can’t play ibb and obb.
But you can watch the new video we made.

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GDC build

Our latest build shows the first pass on decoration and a working camera and parallax system.


New sketches

We’re busy creating new gameplay elements and refining the looks of the game.

Please check the facebook page for regular posts with new ideas and screenshots.

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Production Launch

Production has now officially started. The people of Codeglue will start on building the first test version and we, at Sparpweed, will work on game design, level design and art.

The game will launch August 2011 on Playstation Network and PC.

We had cookies to celebrate!


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Production budget covered

Thanks to Rotterdam Media Fonds and Gamefonds, we now have a budget that will allow us to develop the game. The IP is still ours and we have total creative control. Time to start building.

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