ibb & obb is designed and published by Dutch two-man studio Sparpweed.
Produced in close collaboration with Codeglue.
With music by Kettel and sound design by Tomasz Kaye.

Secret level guest designers: Joost Eggermont, Sigrid Spier, Marc Kolle, Cynthia Lim and Nick Liefhebber.

And thanks to many others for support, translations and testing.


ibb and obb started out as Richard Boeser’s graduation project. It had its first public appearance as part of IndieCade’s selection at the E3 2008 in Los Angeles. There it caught Sony’s eye and plans were made to get ibb and obb to Playstation.

Sparpweed decided to try and self publish the game on the Playstation Store and found the means to do so through the help of Gamefonds, Rotterdam Media Fonds and an investor. At the end of 2010 production officially started in collaboration with Codeglue.

The PlayStation3 version launched in August 2013 and the PC Steam version in May 2014.

Have a look at how we went from the earliest prototypes to the final product:

Why the funny names?

ibb and obb are named after two characters in Jasper Fforde’s “The Well of Lost Plots”. Their names have no capitals as they start out as generics and need to earn those still. Trust me, it all makes sense.